Bermuda: Crystal and Fantasy Caves

bermuda CRYSTAL CAVES infographic

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Bermuda: beautiful pair of underground caves that are covered in stalagmites and stalactites.

We used the public bus transportation system to get to the caves. It was a nice scenic ride with lots of lush greenery along the roads. After getting off at the closest bus stop, we had to walk about 5 minutes to get to the caves. Once on site, we had a choice between getting tickets for just one cave, or both. We opted for seeing both of them since they were right next to each other and we were already there.

Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Bermuda

Once we were signed up and it was time to head to the caves, there was a short safety briefing, and we were outfitted with helmets. We were also told of the importance of not touching any of the structures in the caves. The natural oils produced on our skin are destructive to stalagmites and stalactites: they stunt formation growth because they disperse the minerals that contribute to that process. Once ready, we headed down into the caves. The caves are subterranean and about 200 ft deep. First we went into Crystal Cave. The stairs make it easy to get down there fortunately. The beauty down there is quite exquisite. There are plenty of opportunities to take photos throughout the tour when you get down. The first cave’s tour lasted about half and hour to an hour. Then, we made our way back up, and down into Fantasy Cave. Again, splendid underground scenery and plenty of opportunities to take photos. They were both some of the most beautiful caves I have visited. You can see the beautiful formations in my video below:

If you are short on time, or don’t want to spend the extra money to see both caves, I’d recommend Crystal Cave. I thought the water, structures, and lighting were prettier in that cave. However, they are both great and you can’t go wrong visiting either one. I do recommend that you visit both caves if you have the time.



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  1. I recently went on a trip to Bermuda and I stayed at the hotel across from the Crystal and Fantasy Caves! The Grotto Bay Beach Resort, and underneath the resort were similar caves as this one 🙂


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