Bermuda: Sea Glass Beach

bermuda SEA GLASS infographic

Sea Glass Beach in Bermuda: difficult to find on a map, but a unique beach to visit covered with sea glass.

If you’re interested in doing something a bit unique in Bermuda and up for a trek, some beaches there are reputed to collect sea glass on their sands. Finding one can be tricky, however, as these beaches aren’t marked as such on maps. A quick Google search will point you in the direction of “Cochran and Malibar Road, Hamilton, Bermuda.” Unfortunately, searching that address will leave you with nothing on Google Maps and Bing Maps. Rest assured, however, that it does exist because we made our way there.

Bermuda Sea Glass Beach

There are three main reasons that a map search yields an empty page. First, the main street is Malabar, not Malibar, and Cochrane, not Cochran. Second, the beach is not in Hamilton. Third, if you search for “Malabar Road, Bermuda” you are still left with nothing because Google Maps and Bing Maps aren’t very good at providing directions in Bermuda. (If you zoom into the northwest corner of Bermuda, you will however be able to find the road on the map.)

Lucky for you, I can point you in the right direction! If you are staying at the Fairmont Southampton, you can take bus 7 or 8. It’s about a 30 minute ride across to the north west side of the island. Malabar and Cochrane aren’t intersecting, but the first road kind of turns into the second road. If you ask the bus driver to drop you off at Sea Glass Beach on Malabar Road, he or she will know what you are speaking about. The beach itself doesn’t have a grand entrance either; just small path between houses. When you do arrive, you’ll see a beach that is covered in multicolored pieces of glass. You can see the beach in my video below:

Sea glass is man-made glass that finds it’s way into the sea, gets rounded into shape during a tumultuous voyage, and ends up being washed ashore on a beach somewhere. For some people, collecting sea glass is a hobby. If you simply like visiting different types of beaches, this little one tucked away in a corner of the island is definitely worth a trip!



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