Bermuda: Fairmont Southampton Hotel Review


The Fairmont Southampton in Bermuda: overall, this is the nicer of the two Fairmont hotels in Bermuda in my opinion, and definitely one of the best on the island.

If you golf, you’ll want to stay at the Fairmont Southampton hotel when visiting Bermuda. If you don’t golf, you’ll still want to stay at the Fairmont Southampton. The hotel is quite great and is conveniently located. It’s also one of the pricier hotels, but I think it’s well worth the price.

Fairmont Southampton Bermuda

The hotel itself is not new. It is however nicely maintained and has many conveniences. The service is also great. One nice touch at the hotel was that there was free wi-fi everywhere. Our room was big and spacious, and what you’d expect at a nice, but older hotel. We did have a balcony with a nice view.

There are several restaurants in the hotel, and also close by as part of the resort so food selection is not a problem. You can easily walk to most of them, and there is a regular shuttle that can take you to the ones further away. We tried a few of the restaurants and had a nice experience at all of them. If you are walking back from dinner, you will hear chirping all around you on the way back from all the critters that lurk about. You can hear the chirping, and more in the video below.

The hotel has it’s own private beach and a shuttle that can take you down there (it’s a short bus ride past the golf course). You’ll find a nice breakfast in the morning, pink sand, plenty of beach chairs, and nice water. It’s a great place to spend a morning, afternoon, or day. There is some snorkeling to be had as well, although the variety of fish is not as great as you’d find in the Caribbean. If you want to see other beaches, the famed Horseshoe Bay Beach is close by. The waves at Horseshoe Bay Beach were a little too strong for snorkeling when we went. There is, however, a little cove off to the side where it’s possible to see a few more fish. You can see some of our snorkeling and the beaches in the video below.

The hotel has several pools and hot tubs to enjoy, a few of which have great views during the day and at night. I ended a couple of my days there in one of their hot tubs during my vacation. One of the swimming pools is indoors, which is handy when it rains.

The hotel is conveniently located near a bus stop where you can hop to to go explore the island. The island is covered in lush vegetation. We made our way to a beach that was known for accumulating sea glass, and also to a nearby grocery store. The hotel also has a water shuttle that will take you across to the other side of the island to the other Fairmont hotel in Hamilton. From there you can do some shopping and enjoy the day in the city. We spent about half a day walking around Hamilton. (You can see some of this in the first video of this post.)



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