Miami, Florida: Hyatt Regency

MIAMI HYATT infographic

The Hyatt Regency: a nice hotel to spend a couple of days when you’re in Miami.

I’ve stayed at a few different hotels in the Miami area, and the Hyatt Regency in downtown is one of my favorites. It’s in a convenient location, has a nice lobby with nice staff, clean rooms, and isn’t too expensive. First, the location is close enough to major points of interest: the airport, the cruise port, and a shopping mall. The taxi from the airport cost us about $25. It was the same to go to the cruise port. We also made our way to South Beach which cost us $30 each way. The shopping mall is much closer than that. So, if you plan on going to different parts of the city, the Hyatt Recency is centrally located.

Hyatt Regency Miami

One nice touch at the hotel was that there was free wi-fi everywhere. Our room was upgraded to a suite when we checked in; it was quite big and spacious. You can see my walk through in the following video:

The bathroom was split into two areas: sink outside the doors, the rest inside (the toiletry products were nice). There was a good amount of closet space, a desk, a big living space (but the furniture is dated), decent TV, and a nice bedroom. The bed was actually very comfortable. There were lots of big windows behind the curtains.

Hyatt Regency Miami

The food at the hotel restaurant was decent, but nothing to write home about. During our visit, the pool was closed but they had arranged access to the pool at the Marriott. The hotel is much nicer than typical 3-star accomodations, but if you are looking for a brand new luxury hotel, this probably isn’t what you want. The hotel is not brand new, or super luxe, and the room furniture is a bit dated, but it is clean and nice enough that we felt very comfortable. If you want a nice place to spend a few days without spending too much, I’d definitely recommend it.



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