Miami, Florida: R3hab At Story Nightclub Was Amazing

MIAMI REHAB infographic

R3hab is a great DJ and a lot of fun to see live.

R3hab happened to be performing at Story nightclub when we were in Miami, so we took it as a sign that we had to go. Story is in South Beach, so getting there from downtown wasn’t quick; it was a $30 taxi ride each way. Once we arrived, we had to wait outside even though there wasn’t much of a lineup. Fortunately, we had pre-bought our tickets online and  they let us in before those who hadn’t and it wasn’t too long of a wait.

Dave Sol spun music during the earlier part of the night. He was quite good (you can see videos from that night here.) He was on for a big portion of the night because R3hab didn’t get started until 1:30AM. So, be prepared for a late night if you go see a performance at Story! However, the wait was definitely worth it. He was very energetic and really into the music while he was spinning. And the music was great too. Here’s one of the many videos I took:

You can see more videos from that night on the Adventures For Two YouTube Channel. The club itself was decent; not the newest place, but it had some fun lighting effects (like a 3D array of lights hanging from the ceiling). The club was kept quite clean throughout the night; seemed like everywhere we went, there was staff walking around dragging towels with their feet to clean the floor.

In short, if you get a chance to see R3hab perform live, you should go. And if you’re going to Story, buy your tickets ahead of time because they are a lot more expensive at the door.



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