Underwater fun with Aquablue Helmet Dive in Moorea


The Aquablue Helmet Dive excursion in Moorea is a 30 minute helmet dive that lets you encounter fish, sting rays and other marine life from under the water. Wearing a metal helmet that rests on your shoulders, you walk along the bottom of the lagoon—at a depth of about 12 feet—feeding and greeting fish along your way. Rather than floating on the surface as a snorkeler, on a helmet dive you can get really close to the coral formations and experience the water from a new perspective.

Insider tips:

  • Our wonderful guides Fred and Stephane told us that Saturday is the least busy day for this tour. As the only two people on our Saturday trip, we were able to enjoy a little extra time under the water, which we would have missed out on if there were other guests
  • The fish and sting rays in the lagoon—especially the enormous titan triggerfish you see in our video—clearly know that when the boat arrives it means feeding time. They aren’t afraid to get up close and personal, so don’t be surprised if you feel fins tickling your arms and legs!
  • Remember to wear water shoes so you don’t get hurt while walking on the sea floor
  • It’s super easy to breathe in the helmet, so this is a fantastic option for people who feel uncomfortable snorkeling or scuba diving



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