Cozumel, Mexico: Cave and Jungle Hike


Cave and jungle hike in Cozumel, Mexico: if you’re looking for a not-to-strenuous activity, this is a fun and easy hike.

We did a cave and jungle hiking excursion in Cozumel. The hike through the jungle was nice and easy (good enough for any age I think). We also went inside a few caves. However, do note that there were a few tight spots inside that may make some people feel claustrophobic. There were some sleeping bats in the caves, and some big spiders and snakes that had a few people spooked! The best part was when we went down into a cenote to see stalactites and stalagmites. See our short photo compilation of the hike below:



In summary, the cave tour was quite nice and easy (though it felt a bit generic). We recommend it if you have already done some of the other more adventurous excursions there, or if you want something that isn’t too strenuous.



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