Las Vegas, Nevada: We Saw Showtek At Omnia And It Was Amazing


A short summary: a glamorous setting and great DJs make Omnia Nightclub the ‘it’ club in Vegas.


Omnia is located at Caesars Palace, which means it’s convenient to get to from anywhere on the strip. We were at the Cosmopolitan so it was just a short 10 minute walk for us. When we got there, the lineup to get into the club was absolutely massive—and this was on a Tuesday. The guest list offers free entry (if you’re on the list of course), but you may end up waiting hours in line to get in. We were on the Guest List but opted to buy tickets to get in. It was a bit pricey, but worth it to skip hours of waiting in line behind hundreds of people.

The club itself is quite glamorous. At the center, the focus of the club is a huge kinetic chandelier which is moving light display that reportedly cost a big fraction of the club’s $100M+ renovation. It moves from up and down from the 65-foot the ceiling throughout the night. It is unique and provides an entertaining light show to go along with the music. Showtek, two brothers, were the DJs the night we went and they were excellent. They spin great music.

The club is kept quite clean throughout the night. Seemed like everywhere we went, there was staff walking around dragging towels with their feet to clean the floor.

The major issue at Omnia comes down to the amount of space on the dance floor: there were just too many people. Private VIP booths are all around of course, but those start at $8,000! Despite there being so many people in the club, I have to admit that Omnia has great temperature control: it never go too hot and was comfortable all night.


Omnia is always packed, has a great setting, and very good music. If you only plan on going out once during your stay in Vegas, Omnia is it.



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