Las Vegas, Nevada: If You Want To See Tiesto, Go To Hakkasan


A short summary: a nice setting and good music by resident DJ Tiesto, but not quite as nice as Omnia.


Hakkasan used to be the ‘it’ club in Las Vegas until Omnia opened its doors a couple of months ago. It’s very big, and is located at the beginning of the strip inside the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. We decided to take a taxi there from the Cosmopolitan and it only took about 5 minutes. Unlike with Omnia, we decided to use the Guest List (which we were put on earlier in the day) to get in to avoid paying the cover fee which is expensive ($50 for men, $30 for women). The lineup was huge. We got there early (15 minutes before it opened) and waited in line for about 90 minutes. Every time we reached the end of one line, it was the beginning of another.

The club itself was nice inside. However, after having experienced Omnia, Hakkasan didn’t seem quite as shiny. There was a big curved screen above the DJ booth that added to the light show, but again, not comparable to Omnia with its giant moving light fixture. To be frank, we were mostly excited to see Tiesto who is the resident DJ there.

Tiesto Hakkasan

The music was very good. They gave bracelets out to everyone that started lighting up once Tiesto made his way to the DJ booth. It was similar to something we experienced at a Coldplay concert once (except that concert had a lot more people and the bracelet lights were very nicely coordinated with the music) and we enjoyed it. We kept the bracelets and they still light up every time I use the TV remote control.

There were lots and lots of people. Perhaps a little less crowded than Omnia which was nice. The dance floor is surrounded by VIP booths; so, if you’re not at the center, your view will be obstructed as you try to look in. Despite the club being full, the temperature control was good and it never go too hot.


Hakkasan is a decent club with good music. If you plan on going, definitely try to get on the Guest List to not have to pay cover, and get there very, very early.



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