Kilauea volcano’s summit caldera in 4K video

You can see lots of sulfur dioxide gas coming out of the summit crater / caldera of the Kilauea volcano. The camera’s zoom allowed me to get a really close view in 4K video.

A beach with black sand in 4K video

Who new that beaches could have black sand! This one is on the Big Island of Hawaii. It’s complete with palm trees and everything.

We swam with a pod of wild dolphins in the ocean and they got really close

Most of the wild dolphin dives in Kona take to you where they sleep during the day, thus disturbing them as they try to rest. If you would like to minimize the impact you have on the dolphins and not disturb their sleep, take earlier morning tours that follow them on their path home. It is more difficult to find them in the wild, but you minimize any negative impact.
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Welcome to our travel blog!

Thank you for visiting our travel blog! We thoroughly enjoy traveling to exotic locations, especially when there is adventure mixed in with luxury at the end of the day. Unfortunately, finding such locations that are also convenient is not the easiest task. With this blog, we hope to make your experience finding great places and adventures a little easier. You may notice that many of our posts will involve snorkeling as we really love to try that wherever we go. We will post images, videos, and descriptions of travel locations, excursions, and hotels.

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