3 tips for Australia’s Jenolan Caves

After a few days in Sydney, we were ready to step away from the city and check out the natural beauty of Queensland. We chose to take a Blue Mountains day trip with a stop at the iconic Three Sisters formation and tour of Jenolan Caves, which is about a 3 hour drive from Sydney. It made for a long day, but we had a great time chatting with our super knowledgable and personable guide from tour company AAT Kings, which we highly recommend.

We love visiting cave systems when we travel, and really enjoyed our time at Jenolan. It wasn’t our favorite cave experience—Mexico’s Rio Secreto has that honor—but we enjoyed seeing the expansive Cathedral Chamber and underground river in Lucas Cave, and the colorful light displays that they set up throughout.


Tip #1:

The road to Jenolan is long, winding, and felt treacherously narrow at some points. Our guide had clearly driven the route countless times, and it was a relief to be in skilled hands. We definitely suggest taking an organized tour with an experienced guide instead of driving yourself.

Tip #2:

The cafe at Jenolan is fast food-style and on the pricey side, so you may want to pack your own lunch.

Tip #3:

Several people on our trip selected the “Adventure Caving” option instead of touring Lucas with the group. On the Adventure Caving tour, they crawled through narrow, unlit tunnels in the cave system wearing coveralls, a hard hat and a headlamp. The tour description made it clear that this NOT recommended for people who are even remotely claustrophobic, but those who participated said that it was even tighter and more nerve wracking than they expected. Bear that in mind if you book this option!


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