3 tips for beginner skiing at Whistler

We were super excited to book our first ski vacation (we’d only ever taken day trips to local ski resorts), and did a lot of research to make sure we chose a beginner friendly mountain. After reading tons of reviews, we couldn’t be happier that we chose Whistler Blackcomb! Whistler has plenty of green runs for newbies to enjoy, and we would absolutely recommend it to other learners. Here are some of things to keep in mind if you visit Whistler as a novice skiier or snowboarder.

Tip #1:

Starting your Whistler vacation with a “MAX4” ski lesson—which is capped at 4 students per instructor—is a great way to get oriented with Whistler. We found that the instructors are very comfortable adapting to each student’s skill level and unique learning style. A lesson can also boost your confidence in your ability to navigate the mountain on your own.

Tip #2:

If you feel disoriented and aren’t quite sure what trail you’re on, search for the “Easiest Route” signs that denote the best beginner route down to the base. This can help ensure you don’t take a wrong turn onto a blue or black trail, as they sometimes intersect with greens.

Tip #3:

The snow at the base of the mountain is more like ice and slush, and advanced skiiers and snowboarders (and fearless children) seem to fly by at a million miles an hour on their descent into the village. This can be a nerve-wracking spot for beginners, so definitely take your time and go as slowly as you need to.


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