Cata jet tour of Moorea

We did an afternoon cata jet tour as one of our last excursions in Moorea (a cata jet is a mini speedboat that seats two people). By this time we had done so many water activities that we weren’t sure if cata jet would offer us anything new, but we were pleasantly surprised that this excursion did feel fresh and brought us to some spots that we hadn’t seen.

The excursion started off with a quick introduction to driving the cata jet. It was pretty simple: shift gears to move, steer the wheel to turn, and most importantly, don’t hit any coral (demarcated by concrete poles) while closely following the guide’s boat.

Our guide started by cruising toward the Intercontinental Hotel, and as the weather was overcast and dreary, there was some rain and choppy water to contend with. In some ways, that made the tour more fun and exciting. We ended up in Opunohu Bay with a great view of the mountains.

He then led us back past the Intercontinental for about 30 minutes, until we reached a sand bar to spend time interacting with sharks and rays. We then headed toward a small, secluded island that we explored by foot. This was the last stop before we drove back to the dock.

Overall, we spent a satisfying amount of time sailing the boat, and seeing sharks and sting rays was a nice bonus. If you’re looking for a unique excursion on Moorea, this one is worth considering.


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