Reykjavik, Iceland: Hilton Nordica review

A short distance from the city center, the Hilton Nordica is a fantastic option for visitors who plan to base their Iceland travels in Reykjavik.

The check-in process was easy and smooth, and the English-speaking front desk clerk provided us with a free bus pass and map of the routes from the Hilton to downtown Reykjavik, which is about a 15 minute trip. We loved that the location was a bit outside the city, as (very conveniently!) all of our excursions picked us up last and dropped us off first, given the Hilton’s proximity to the highway. We took several very long day trips touring the countryside (the longest was almost 18 hours), so spending less time on the tour bus was an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.

The hotel is comfortable and clean, and we thought the price was fair given how expensive Iceland is overall. Our twin room had a beautiful mountain view, and one very lucky evening we were able to see the Northern Lights dancing outside our window. The temperature in the room was kept quite cool and the housekeepers would open the window each afternoon after making up the room, but the beds had heavy down comforters that kept us nice and warm at night. It was also a bit disappointing that the room didn’t have a dresser for clothes (a problem we’ve encountered at other Hilton properties), so at times it felt like we were living out of our suitcase.

Although the ambiance was beautiful, we didn’t eat at the onsite restaurant Vox, as we found the prices to be high and the menu limited. Instead we ate at the numerous restaurants within walking distance, including Pho Vietnam and a great pizza place called Eldsmiðjan. For breakfast we’d grab Skyr or other snacks from the cooler in the lobby, which was well-stocked with pre-packaged food and drinks that we could easily bring on our tours.

We definitely enjoyed our stay overall, and felt that the Hilton Nordica was the perfect home base for our adventures in Iceland.


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