Lagoonarium Moorea review


The Lagoonarium is a natural aquarium in Moorea that’s located a short boat ride from the main drag of resorts on the island. The Lagoonarium covers areas of both shallow water and deeper water, and is cordoned off by ropes and buoys that you hold onto while watching the fish below. The variety of sea life was pretty incredible, from sting rays and sharks, to triggerfish, long-nosed emperors, Moorish idols and a moray eel. We definitely recommend checking it out!


  • Be careful when holding onto the ropes and buoys that surround the Lagoonarium, as there are some sharp spots and we got a small cut on one (which led to a panicked moment when we worried the sharks would be attracted to the blood!).
  • The caretaker of the Lagoonarium puts on quite a show when he feeds the fish. The animals are super comfortable with him; he hugged a moray eel that was about 6 feet long, and rode on a stingray’s back.
  • Make sure to wear water shoes to protect your feet.
  • You can pet the stingrays as they swim by you. Their skin feels really smooth and a bit slimy.

moray eel



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