Bermuda: Horseshoe Bay Beach

bermuda horseshoe bay infographic

Horseshoe Bay Beach: a beautiful and quiet beach where you can get some sun with pink sand between your toes.

During our time in Bermuda, we visited three beaches and each offered something different: one had sea glass everywhere, another has lots of pink sand and beautiful blue water, and the other had some decent snorkeling with lots of facilities nearby. Horseshoe Bay Beach is the one that had lots of pink sand and beautiful blue water. It is also one of the more famous beaches in Bermuda. It’s not difficult to get there via either walk, car or bus depending on where you are staying. It’s a public beach and we didn’t see any rental facilities nearby so you’ll have to bring your own chairs and loungers if you are so inclined.

Horseshoe Bay Beach Bermuda

The water is very nice, but it’s also very active. The waves at Horseshoe Bay Beach were a little too strong for snorkeling when we went (on the main part of the beach at least). It is, however, a great place to lay on a towel and catch some sun.

The sand there is on the pink side: the shells of small mollusks in the waters there get broken up into tiny little pieces and washed up on to the beach. These tiny little pieces of shells are about the same size as regular sand and have a pinkish color, giving the beach a beautiful hue. Some parts seemed more pink than others when we were there, but that was probably due to the specific sunlight conditions.

Horseshoe Bay Beach Pink Sand Bermuda

There is a little cove off to the side where it’s possible to enjoy some calm water and see a few fish. The rocks are quite beautiful. If you decide to climb then rocks, be careful as they can get slippery.

In summary, Horseshoe Bay Beach is a great place to go if you want to just catch some sun without too many people around you, and with pink sand between your toes. There’s also a tiny area to the side where the rocks break the water current and you can get into calm waters. However, if you want to do any swimming or snorkeling, you are better off going to one of the many other beaches on the island.

bermuda horseshoe bay pin


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