Bermuda: Snorkeling From A Catamaran And The Beach

bermuda CATAMARAN SNORKEL infographic

Snorkeling in Bermuda: you’ll find a nice variety of fish and coral. Your experience will depend on water conditions, which can vary greatly.

We had a couple of different snorkeling days in Bermuda. For the first one, we had booked a catamaran snorkel trip to a site with an old sunken ship. This was really exciting for us because usually a lot of different fish create homes in such environments. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great the day we went and strong waves forced our excursion location to shift to a backup site. The catamaran took us to a coral reef right along the coast. There were nice corals in the water, and we got to see a great porcupine puffer fish. Aside from that however, there wasn’t much to be seen in the water in that area. I can imagine that on a better day, that may be more colorful fish. Regardless, I’d rather have a snorkel day with a few fish than no snorkel at all. You can see my video below:

We also went snorkeling at the Fairmont Southampton’s private beach. We saw a few different species of fish there including parrotfish. We saw more fish snorkeling at the beach than during the catamaran excursion. You can see some of what we saw in the second half of the video above. For a beach, the snorkeling was quite nice; we started seeing fish just a few feet into the water.

In summary, we had booked what seemed like a great snorkel adventure. However, due to weather, we ended up at a backup site and had a so-so experience. Weather is unpredictable, but my impression is that what happened to us was probably not a rare occurrence. We also went snorkeling at the beach and that was quite fun.



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