Franconia Notch State Park, New Hampshire: Hiking Flume Gorge

FLUME GORGE infographic

Adventure summary: a very mild hike that leads to a beautiful waterfall.

The Flume Gorge is a natural gorge with an interesting history that you can read about on Wikipedia. Here are a few tips that you’ll care about if you’re planning a trip there.

Franconia Notch State Park is about a 45 minute drive from Boston: close enough to the city to be convenient, but far enough if you’re looking to get away from the city. I have to admit that the day did not go as I had imagined it would:


  1. We rented a car for the whole day–turns out that the drive wasn’t long, and the hike was even shorter.
  2. I was prepared for a mildly strenuous hike–it was more of a walk than a hike.
  3. I thought there would be lots of opportunities to get nice landscape photos–there were so many people on the hike trail that it wasn’t easy to get pictures without people in them.


Entrance to the state park cost us about $30 for the both of us. Since the hike isn’t very challenging, comfortable training shoes will be sufficient; no need for hiking shoes. It took us about 30 minutes to get to the waterfall from the park entrance. Despite these minor glitches (perhaps due to my lack of planning on this trip), it was a fun half day, and the waterfall was quite pretty. This video I took of the hike summarizes what you’ll see along your way (if you have a 4K monitor or TV, you’ll get to really feel like you’re there!):

In summary, a convenient nature walk with beautiful scenery that isn’t too far away from the city.



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