Pod of big eagle rays in Bora Bora

There was a pod of eagle rays that kept going in and out of formation while we were snorkeling above them. We saw them during our first Pure Reef Snorkeling excursion, and then again during our second tour.

Eagle rays surrounded us under the bungalow

We swam into a group of eagle rays under our bungalow at the Hilton in Bora Bora and luckily had a camera. Although we were told that these rays are friendly and not dangerous, they had so many sharp barbs that it’s probably wise to be a bit cautious. At first, they were on just one side of us (in front) when we arrived to their location. However, after a minute or two, they moved and started swimming in circles around us. It felt like they were studying us. After about 10 minutes of them circling us, we decided to back off and head back up to the bungalow.


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