Big octopus changing colors in Bora Bora

We saw an octopus while snorkeling under our overwater bungalow, and another octopus at the main Hilton beach. It was amazing watching the octopuses change colors, camouflage, and swim (you can see some of what we saw in the 4K video). We spent a lot of time observing them, and them observing us. They may of may not have been annoyed with how long we were watching them! I think we got closer than is usually safe as they can bite quite hard when annoyed.

Big octopus changes colors to camouflage itself in coral reef in Hawaii

This big octopus changed colors a few times to try to camouflage itself in the coral reef near the Captain Cook monument in Kealakekua Bay (Kona, Hawaii). It was quite big so I’m glad it didn’t decide to swim anywhere near me! It was amazing to witness this in nature.

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