5 tips for whale watching in Boston

A great tour to take if you have time. $50 per adult will give you a great show that only nature can provide. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind based on my experience:

Labadee, Haiti: The Perfect Place To Go Sunbathing

Labadee in Haiti: engineered for a great beach-going experience for tourists. We stopped in Labadee (Haiti) as part of a cruise itinerary on Royal Caribbean (which also went to Ochos Rios in Jamaica and Cozumel in Mexico). We were in Labadee on the first shore day. We arrived early in the morning, and departed early evening,…

Top 5 “Someday” Destinations

We are lucky to have visited some incredible destinations across the globe, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t many more places we are itching to visit! These five vacation destinations are on our ‘someday’ list, for one of those serendipitous times when all the pieces fall into place and we can bask in a two-week luxury…

A walking tour of Labadee in Haiti

Labadee is a part of Haiti that is owned by Royal Caribbean. The area around Labadee is very green and lush. You can take a look at my walk around video above: I go from the cruise ship to the main beach on the left side, and then loop back to the cruise ship via the the second…

World’s longest zip line over water is in Haiti

Labadee in Haiti has the longest over-water zip line in the world: Dragon’s Breath Flight Line. It’s quite high, and you end up going quite fast. The zoom on my camera may obscure just exactly how high and long the zip line is, so here are the numbers: it is 2,600 feet long and 500 feet high….

Bermuda: Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach: a beautiful and quiet beach where you can get some sun with pink sand between your toes.

Zip line on a cruise ship

Royal Caribbean has outfitted some of its bigger ships with a zip line. The zip line is quite high: 9 decks high to be precise. It’s also about 80 feet long. It’s not the same as zip line for real where you have multiple legs, but as close as you’ll get on a cruise ship! You have to…

Surfing on a cruise ship

Royal Caribbean has outfitted some of its bigger ships with simulated surfing machines. We used the FlowRider on the Oasis of the Seas (there are two aboard, one for surfing and the other for boogie boarding) and it was a lot of fun. It’s not the same as surfing for real, but as close as…

Bermuda: Sea Glass Beach

Sea Glass Beach in Bermuda: difficult to find on a map, but a unique beach to visit covered with sea glass.